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The Richards Program

What did you do this summer? The participants of the Richards Program enjoyed everything Myrtle Beach has to offer from fun in the sun at Alligator Adventure to relaxing with popcorn in the new Market Commons’ theater.

The Richards Program was established in Spring 2006, for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, living in Horry County, through a generous donation from the Richards family. The Richards Program is a summer camp for teens and young adults; addressing individual recreational and social needs utilizing local community resources.

Each individual participates at a level tailored for their particular needs with generous support and supervision. The Richards Program maintains a structured five day a week, seven hours per day schedule throughout the summer, with planned activities and outings emphasizing community participation, independence, and peer relationships.

Your child can attend the program for a mere $50.00 a week. You won’t find a better summer program. The Richards Program is the only campership of its kind in Horry County, and therefore fills up quickly! Do not wait to inform us of your interest.

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Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver went LIVE! on February 7, 2007. Project Lifesaver is a “tried and true” radio technology tracking system used to recover children and adults, by land or air, that wander away from their family or caregivers.

Due to the scope of the disability, people with ASD have the propensity to wander, and lack the awareness to assure their personal safety. It was with true concern for the safety of those we love that the Autism Advocate Foundation sought assistance from local public safety agencies to bring Project Lifesaver to Horry County.

Officials like Gordon Harris, Horry County Public Safety, went above and beyond to not only establish the service, but provide ongoing training and awareness about autism to all facets of public safety and law enforcement. If you are looking for the assurance that Project Lifesaver can offer, please contact AAF utilizing the inquiry form above. Fundraising efforts are ongoing by AAF to bring Project Lifesaver wristbands to your family at no cost, so don’t delay.

Guests of Myrtle Beach: If you are visiting Myrtle Beach, and your child would benefit from Project Lifesaver, go to the Myrtle Beach Chamber and receive a temporary wristband for the duration of your stay.

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Saturday Outings

The Autism Advocate Foundation believes that every child should have the opportunity to have some fun. The Saturday Outings are scheduled once a month to provide an opportunity for children to participate in an inexpensive activity in an accepting environment. The Saturday Outing activities include swimming, bowling, movies and more.

The activities are arranged by Autism Advocate Foundation Staff who coordinate the outings with local venues, educate the venues on ASD, communicate the arranged activities with interested families, and are on hand during the outing to provide supervision for your child.

The Saturday Outings are a great opportunity for your child to build friendships and enjoy all the activities our community has to offer.   If you are interested in participating in the Saturday Outings, simply complete and return the Inquiry Form. An AAF representative will contact you to invite you and your family to the next Saturday Outing.

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Munson Family “Evening Out” Respite Program

Those with a loved one with ASD, know how hard it is to find safe, understanding, and qualified care, not to mention affordable, even to go out for the evening with friends or a significant other.

AAF was created by parents that struggled with this same issue who were driven to find a solution. The Munson Family Respite Program was created for those looking for a safe and responsible alternative to childcare.

The second Friday of each month, from 5pm to 9pm, AAF provides an opportunity for you to leave your loved one and their siblings for an evening out with "no worries".

The cost of the “Evening Out” program is $20.00 for 1 child/ $40.00 max for those families with two or more children. You must pre-register no later than the first Friday of each month to attend. No exceptions!

There are no age guidelines, all are welcome, so contact us now to begin benefiting from an “Evening Out”.

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Hope Floats

Hope FloatsWhat an opportunity!! The Autism Advocate Foundation is offering a sail training program in the calm waters of our beautiful inlet. “Hope Floats” is a family oriented program offering an experience of a lifetime. For many, it may be the first time to enjoy the unique sensations associated with sailing: the feel of the wind, smell of the ocean, and the movement of the waves.

If you are looking for an adventure to share with the family this is it! Working with an ASA, USCG Certified Captain, talented volunteers, and the sailboat Serenity, located in Murrells Inlet, you will embark on a 2-3 hour journey concluding with snacks and drinks.

Hope Floats can be organized as a one day quest, “daysail”, for $50.00, or be utilized as an ongoing training and family bonding tool with consecutive trips costing $40.00. Sailing is a hands-on boating venture that is commonly utilized for team building and relationship development. A sense of confidence and unity is formed while sailing that can have lasting benefits for all involved. Participants are encouraged to fully interact in the event by overcoming any apprehension and challenging them to participant as crew members by taking the helm, trimming the sails and learning the basics of sailing and maneuvering the boat.

From basic water safety to understanding the concepts of the wind propelling the boat, the experience is diverse. In addition to the various sensory and behavioral stimuli, the quest is relaxing and fun! Don’t miss out on the 2008 season; contact us today by completing the inquiry form above.

Hope Floats Forms

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Life Lessons

Life Lessons is a Cognitive Therapy Program that provides individuals with High Functioning Autism or Aspergers an opportunity to gain the appropriate skills essential for social and vocational success. This program is made possible by a grant from the Office of the Governor Developmental Disabilities Council. "Life Lessons" will focus on nine skills that are not naturally acquired during development.

These skills include communication, nonverbal communication, feelings, friendship building, bullying/self esteem, perspective taking, abstract thinking, life transitions, and embracing change. All interested parents/guardians must fill out the social profile form about your child and mail or fax the completed form to AAF along with the Program Inquiry Form. Once the profile is reviewed the applicant will be contacted regarding their participation.

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