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In Memory & In Honor

If you would like to donate to the Autism Advocate Foundation in Memory or in Honor of a friend or loved one, please send your donation to:

Autism Advocate Foundation
PO Box 7061
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572.

Make sure to indicate the person that the donation is made in honor of or in memory of, and the family member's name and address that should be notified of your gift.

Donors names will appear on our website.

In Memory

Louis Spirida (Great Grandmother of child with autism)

Josephine Nicolo

Jack Abbot (In memory; grandchildren with autism)

Joan Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bock
Bill & Shirley Cooper
Billy Cooper
Alexander & Joyce Ann Dembrowski
Jean Kalemba
Gayle Kellam
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Muldoon
Lorraine Oechslin
Nora Quade
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stagnitto
Marilyn Vassallo

Charles Bins (In memory, grandchild with autism)

Carole A. Carey

Edward Burkhardt (In memory, grandchild with autism)

Carole A. Carey

Julie Harrington (In memory, newphews with autism)

Mr & Mrs. John Ross

Andrea Carden Kithianis (In memory; children with autism)

John M. & Rosemarie A. Adams
Hurd & Mary Ellen Baruch
Cheryl & Wayne Bauerle
Charles & Naomi Burkhammer
Dr. Terrence S. Carden, Jr.
Ann & Edward T. Carden
William & Clair Connolly
Florence V. Becky & Robert W. DeLarm
Jerome & Charlotte Golinvaux
John Hanson, Tanglefoots Square Dance Club
Mrs. Marion Whitney Martin
Robert Maxwell
Danielle Chamberlain McGraw
Edward & Anne Padelford
John Pesella
Harold & MaryAnn Solletti
Margie Wilson

Rita & Joe Munson (In memory; grandson with autism)

Denise & Jim Garvey
Cheryl Bauerle
Beth Hedges
Sarah Pope
Amy Gary

Catherine & Gene Richards (In memory; grandson with autism)

Joan Richards
Vincent Richards
Nancy & David Ballard
Karen & David Teal

Edward Chrupcala

Bob & Angie Lowery
Josephine Nicolo
Thomas & Carole Carey
Wayne & Cheryl Bauerle

Jane E. Swante
South Strand Business Professionals

Trevor Neil Hawkins-Varinecz

Thomas & Karen Varinecz

Henry “Hank” Martin Sturm Jr.

Scott Hansen
Dennis Sturgill
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Williams
Henry & Martha Sturm

In Honor

Mrs. and Mrs. A. Paynter's Anniversary

Mr. & Mrs. Ari Sapir

Nicholas Magio (In honor; child with autism)

Cassandre Rublowitz

Cooper Hedges

Neil & Barbara Schilling

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